Design Skin 7" VPE3 Art Lover (colourful)

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Green MNKY

GreenMNKY Skins are protectors for the back of the device and come in various unique designs that highlight the individuality of the user, while protecting the device against scratches and other potential damages. They are the ultra-slim alternative to cases, maintaining the original silhouette of the device and adding no bulk. The skin is just as easy to apply air bubble free as it is to remove without residue.

  • Universal skin for in-store customization

  • Protects the back of the device against scratches and damage

  • Thinner than any case – acts as a second skin

  • Compatible with cases and other accessories

  • Air-bubble-free application

  • Residue-free removal

The GreenMNKY in-store solution

The German brand is on a mission to deliver sustainable and effective protection for most devices, be they smartphones, tablets, watches, or gaming consoles, even those with lesser-known names or older models. A screen protector designed for a single device model comes with packaging and application accessories, causing a lot of unnecessary waste, using extra resources, and taking up storage space. Devices have a famously short lifecycle, and many protection accessories end up as deadstock, causing additional waste. GreenMNKY offers a complete device-protection package including universal film screen protectors and back skins as well as the tools to custom-cut and install them. Thus, they reduce packaging waste by up to 97% and enable you to offer your customers a unique in-store service, while also preventing deadstock. 

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